After my last day at my old job, I had a week off to recuperate. Referring back to my trusty California Trips book I decided to head north from San Francisco to Mendocino and Humboldt State Park for some coastlines and redwoods. I could easily see myself retiring in the area – it’s a lonely, beautiful landscape that made me feel like I was at the edge of the earth. On my way up I hiked the Pomo Canyon Trail, which starts right off of Route 1 just south of Jenner. It’s a nice loop with views of the surrounding hills, redwood groves, and windblown grasses.


Pomo Canyon Trail

Distance (round trip): 10.2 mi

Total time: 3 hrs

The hike starts out steep, but once you’re over this initial climb the trail is pretty moderate. There were some picnic tables along the trail, and the parking lot across from the trailhead has restrooms. The first half of the trek was bright and sunny, although not too hot.

pomo-canyon-15 pomo-canyon-1

After some scrubby hillsides, more trees presented themselves and I enjoyed getting close to some redwoods. The trail was bordered by plenty of vegetation, and spiders. I ran into a lot of spider web strands. Blech.





Once I emerged from the redwoods at the end of the loop, the fog started to roll in, bringing in lower temperatures and a strong breeze. This might have been my favorite part of the trail. I’ve always loved the grassy hills of California and it was quite nice and contemplative to walk through some. My verdict? A nice little hike.