Big Morongo Canyon Trail

Nine months later and I finally get around to writing up Part 2 of my adventures in the desert. What have I been doing for the last nine months? Having a baby? Nope. I was trying to get a new job. Nine months spent polishing my resume, perfecting cover letters, reaching out to random acquaintances on LinkedIn … it’s a horrid process. Least helpful of all are the articles for these unicorns who have multiple companies on the line to engage in a Battle Royale of offers. That, of course, didn’t happen for me, and it was tempting to conclude I’m a talentless moron doomed to languish in a stifling position. Untrue! I trusted my friends and family over that self-doubting voice in my head and now work with a great team. But that’s another story for another day.

Today, let’s talk about hiking in the desert.

Big Morongo Canyon Preserve: Canyon Trail

Distance: 5 mi

Climb: 2060ft

Time: 2.5 hrs


This trail sets cuts away from a smaller cluster of trails in the Big Morongo Canyon Preserve, where the main attraction is, I understand, birdwatching. Of all the trails I explored on this trip, Canyon Trail was probably the least exciting. It was also the least populated – I didn’t see a single person during my trek. I decided to walk for an hour, giving myself an hour to get back, and enjoyed an easy go of it. The website says it’s moderate to strenuous, and this may be true in the second half of the trail, but for my part it was pretty easy.