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This week I attended the Smashing Magazine Smashing Conference in Santa Monica, California. My little brain was overflowing with new ideas by the end, eager to drink more coffee and sketch them out on paper. Right now I am in the process of putting together a quick presentation for my team at work, but I […]

A Sunny Forecast

Greetings! It has been several days, even months, since my last entry. Why, you may ask? Why, I started working full-time at a solar company: Sungevity, Sungevity is one of the top three residential solar companies in the US and also operates abroad in the Netherlands and Australia. Will I eventually be working alongside koalas […]

Data: Personal and Professional?

I posted recently on my personal blog about my job and gig search over the last 7 months or so. After digging through old emails for dates and information on the jobs, I created a chart to represent the frequency of responses to my applications and, if they responded, how long it took. Since that initial post I’ve added in all the ads I answered on Craigslist to the data set and sorted the jobs by type, and spruced up the design.