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Thoughts on the 2016 Presidential Election

I was so excited to vote for Hillary Clinton on Tuesday morning. I gave my cat a little pat on the head as I left for my polling place, marked my ballot with happy tears in my eyes, and then caught a bus to work where my female coworkers had donned pantsuits and t-shirts reading THE FUTURE IS FEMALE. […]

Pomo Canyon Trail

After my last day at my old job, I had a week off to recuperate. Referring back to my trusty California Trips book I decided to head north from San Francisco to Mendocino and Humboldt State Park for some coastlines and redwoods. I could easily see myself retiring in the area – it’s a lonely, beautiful […]

Big Morongo Canyon Trail

Big Morongo Canyon Preserve

Nine months later and I finally get around to writing up Part 2 of my adventures in the desert. What have I been doing for the last nine months? Having a baby? Nope. I was trying to get a new job. Nine months spent polishing my resume, perfecting cover letters, reaching out to random acquaintances […]

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