I’m on Dribbble

What’s up, kids? My fantastic coworker invited me to Dribbble and I’m into it. In all honesty, I’ve been pilfering ideas from Dribbble for years, so it feels good to be giving back. Although I don’t want to flatter myself too much in thinking my doodles are worth going into someone’s “visual references” folder but hey, a girl can dream.

My Stupid Face

I treated myself to a massage and botanical peel a couple weeks ago for my birthday. I’d never had a botanical peel before, but I figured with the price tag I would get some good advice on what the hell to do with my face. Body? Use lotion, whatever. Face? Uhh… exfoliate? Is toner good or bad? Is it ‘masks’ or ‘masques’? “What’s your skin type?” JUST┬áTELL ME!

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