Charlotte Cunningham

My Stupid Face

I treated myself to a massage and botanical peel a couple weeks ago for my birthday. I’d never had a botanical peel before, but I figured with the price tag I would get some good advice on what the hell to do with my face. Body? Use lotion, whatever. Face? Uhh… exfoliate? Is toner good or bad? Is it ‘masks’ or ‘masques’? “What’s your skin type?” JUST TELL ME!

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Welcome to 2017

Having a birthday so close to the resetting of our (Gregorian) calendars is kind of nice in that I get to celebrate my body going around the sun once more right before everyone else celebrates the entire planet going around the sun. New year for me, new year for you.

How I spent my New Year’s Eve…

Thoughts on the 2016 Presidential Election

I was so excited to vote for Hillary Clinton on Tuesday morning. I gave my cat a little pat on the head as I left for my polling place, marked my ballot with happy tears in my eyes, and then caught a bus to work where my female coworkers had donned pantsuits and t-shirts reading THE FUTURE IS FEMALE. High spirits. Excitement. Madam Fucking President.

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